Hear Me

Last friday I went to the Young people’s day at the Scottish Parliment building. This was part of the Festival of politics. In the morning I attended at really interesting workshop about young people and conflict, then in the afternoon I took part in the Hear me! manifesto pitches. which was part of the Right Blether Project. I represent for Scotland Disabled Children in the debates and spoke about problems young disabled people face in accessing education. Lots of young people took part in the debate and we all had good points to make. Tam Baillie the Ciommsioner for Children and Young People chair the debate.  I was also really excited when I saw that Annie Lennox came into the chamber to listen to us debating. 

Main Chamber at Scottish Parliament

Annie Lennox promoting her SING campaign

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  1. Andy Gregor says:

    Hello Adam, nice to hear you had a good day.
    Obviously!, not nearly as good as the film developement weekend though:-)
    Feel free to pop over and have a look at my blog. all the best, Andy.

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